Lend Your Face to Episode 10!

Registration is open for Episode 10 and for Episode 11, so scurry over to join.madlibsmonday.com! It only takes a minute to sign up and a few more minutes to participate. Bragging rights are included at no extra cost.


Mad Libs Monday: Episode 8


Register for Episodes 9, 10, and 11!

Amount of time needed to sign up and participate? Maybe three minutes. Amount of fun you can have as a result of participating? ALL OF IT.

Go sign up now!

Mad Libs Monday: Episode 7


Register for Episode 8! And Episode 9! And Episode 10!

When all goes according to plan, I send out an email and give you 5 or 6 days to submit your video clips. (All in all, your part of this process could really take only a couple of minutes, but I like to give my fellow procrastinators some time to catch up on Netflix and the like.) So if you like Mad Libs and/or this project and want to join, DO IT NOW.


My brother made some illustrations to coincide with highlights from Episodes 4, 5, and 6. These went in an email to Episode 7 participants, but I really think other people need to enjoy these masterpieces, too.


Episode 8: Registration Now Open

You know you want to.


Register for Episode 7!

Sign up with your contact information (so I can send you the assignment, duh) before 2 p.m. on Tuesday, May 1! There is no cost to sign up or participate, and I love seeing new faces.

Don’t have a YouTube account? That’s fine. Don’t have a camera? Fine too. I accept audio files or video files, and I’m happy to help you figure out how to get that set up and submitted. (Really, if a penguin can do it, YOU CAN DO THIS, TOO.)

It takes like ten minutes when all is said and done, so go go go!

Mad Libs Monday: Episode 6


Registration for Episode 6 is open through 12 p.m. CST on Tuesday in honor of mashed potatoes.

I just spent the entire holiday weekend eating mashed potatoes and playing World of Warcraft, which sort of interfered with my posting schedule for Mad Libs Monday. Because of that, I’m extending the opportunity to register for Episode 6 for another half-day, so people who are just tuning in can JOIN, JOIN, JOIN.

Seriously. It’s free. It’s fun. It takes like ten minutes tops. What are you waiting for?